Why Us

Why Us?

An HR System in constantly evolution

HCMS is able to support you continuously to be always ready to face new technologies in the fast changing world we are living.

Consent any other system (SAP, Oracle, People Soft, Cezanne, ...) to talk with HCMS, integrating personal and processes data, organization data and authentication systems.
Forget the limit of traditional HR system, thanks to his particular architecture HCMS let you be free to customize the system as you want.

Six reasons why

HR Experience

Our multi-year experience helps you projecting and digitalising your HR Value Proposition.

Best in Class

We use the most modern and flexible technologies to guarantee the best user-experience and the broadest scalability of our solution.

No Code

Free to customize your services and HR processes in total autonomy, without the intervention of IT.


Our HR consultants are always ready to support you and answer any questions or doubts.

High Security

We protect your data 365 days a year, respecting national and international standards.

In constantly

We constantly release new functions to maximise the value of your services and HR processes.

Our Results


Deployment time

5 +

New products released in last year

Top Org.

by HR Tech Outlook


Number of users

150 +

Dashboard available

What they say about Us

M. Schiralli

Resp. Servizio Formazione Comm. e Istituz.

“We are able to manage training processes in a flexible and effective way. The system is constantly evolving to meet every need and new project, launched for the development of the professionalism of our Financial Advisors and Employees. "

B. Taralla

Head of People Organisation

“We have found a flexible and effective way to be able to independently manage all incentive processes. The added value? Continuous professional support and the ability to adapt the system to our ever-changing needs. "

We take care of your data


In order to effectively manage security in all phases of the software life cycle and to reduce the risk deriving from the presence of application vulnerabilities in it, we constantly update our development framework and your HCMS.
The framework of development and the individual HCMS modules are developed on the basis of processes, best practices, guidelines / check-lists and support tools for the "safe" implementation of the software, through the definition of operating procedures for the integration of security activities code-reviews in the software life cycle, also carried out through the use of automatic inspection tools.

Periodically, the system is subjected to vulnerability by our security experts and / or customers and penetration tests, also using specialized external subjects, aimed at detecting, mitigating, eliminating any vulnerabilities and / or other criticalities that could give rise to non-author access / use zzati, all in compliance with best practices and international standards of reference. By way of example and not exhaustively, the vulnerability categories that are constantly monitored are: OWASP and SANS.

Privacy and GDPR

We understand how important it is to protect personal data and the protection of privacy is a top priority for us. Precisely for this reason we have integrated an accurate and structured program into the culture and services of the company that provides for strict measures and procedures regarding access, use, disclosure and processing of customer data. The continuous evolution and growing complexity of global privacy regulations and related data protection issues require constant and scrupulous attention. Our team manages the program guaranteeing customers compliance with all the commitments undertaken for the protection of privacy and all regulatory compliance obligations.


Alveria is certified:
- UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 , for the sectors (33) Information technology, (35) Professional business services, (37) Education;
- UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 (Environmental management systems);
- UNI EN ISO 45001: 2018 (Management systems for health and safety at work) .

The Data Centers in which the Alveria HCMS application is managed are in Italy: ARUBA DATA Centers, ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and with the highest resilience standards required by Rating 4 level (former Tier 4) ANSI / TIA 942-A (ANSI / TIA 942-A is one of the main reference standards in the world for the assessment of infrastructure quality and the guarantee of continuity of data center services ( https://www.datacenter.it ).

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