Skill Assessment

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Skill Assessment

Manage the process of evaluating transversal and managerial skills on the basis of company policies and choices.


Choose between skills assessment, skills and behaviour assessment and / or questionnaires and tests.

Configure the tests in every aspect and build your evaluation forms.

Define the extent of the evaluation (180 ° / 270 ° / 360 °), the method of choosing the evaluators and the feedback phase.

Automatically manage communications related to the process.

Print summary of progress and evaluation, and extract them in Excel.

View and constantly monitor data via advanced interactive graphical dashboards.


  • Versatility
  • Easily fill out and complete evaluation / test forms
  • Massively upload content
  • Flexible configuration
  • Unique repository with the history of each employee
  • Track the skills gap in your company

Create your skills assessment process

Define each "rule" of the evaluation.
Choose the actors of the process, the categories of evaluators, which tests to administer and establish the weight that each evaluation must have.
Plan the different phases of the process (selection of evaluators, evaluation , feedback from the manager and the person evaluated).
Schedule the progress of the process on the timeline.

Configure the test

Establish the rules of the test:
- Set the number of questions to be administered and the presentation method;
- Configure the possibility of adding comments or messages on the various test pages;
- Set a maximum time of execution, the possibility of being able to restart the test ...

Define and customise questions

Define the questions to be asked in every single aspect: graphic form, answer mode (checkbox, radio-button, combobox, slider, rating).
Customise the test by adding images or audio files to the questions.