Succession Planning

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Succession Planning

Map the people in your Company and establish the succession plans for critical position. Automatically verify if your people can cover those position.


Evaluate critical positions, defining both the evaluation criteria and the access requirements that potential candidates must have to cover them.

Identify the candidate based on the criteria you configured regarding each position and roles.

Build customised succession plan, rolling or for a specific period, based on your own operative and process decision.

Represents the succession plan on a matrix, that correlates the level of criticity of the position and the level of adequacy/readiness of the successors.


  • Take advantage of all the information regarding your people
  • Integrate evaluation's process with training's activities
  • Customised plans

Customise your Succession Plan

Define how many years of skills assessment to take into consideration, if only those coming from the Company Professional System or even those produced with the Stand-Alone Systems, the weight to be attributed to the requirements and skills of the position and the minimum ranking that a resource must reach in order to be a candidate.
Once the parameters have been defined, elaborate the replacement table with a click and you will immediately obtain the most suitable candidates to fill these critical positions.

Critical Matrix

The Nine-box is one of the most used tools in succession planning and leadership development.
It can be an invaluable tool for anyone working in talent management or for any manager.

Explore the detail

For each candidate view if can fulfil the requirements and skills necessary to cover a certain role.